Welcome to Spicie Lady

SPicielady BBQ Sauce

Welcome to Spicelady Medibles!

Browse our site and you will see we have a selection of Edibles, Body and Hair Care, Oils and Sauces . All of our products are delivered or shipped to you fresh as it is made to order.


Your order is made as soon as it’s received. Our products are handmade with a lot of care. The ingredients we use are 100% natural and yes we have Gluten free products as well. If you have any allergies please let us know and we’ll make your order specific to your needs, excluding anything your allergic to.

Please explore our site and learn more about the owner and creator of Spicie Lady Medibles and why it was created. You’ll learn about our products and all the ingredients that are specific to certain aches and pains. You’ll see testimonies from our customers and how the products they’ve used has helped them.

Last you’ll be able to order directly from our store to receive your very own Spicie Lady Medible products. Thank you for stopping by and we look forward to meeting you soon! 

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