Spicielady Infused Cooking Oils


Spicielady infused oils can be added to any meal or salad to enhance flavor.

Available in Small, Medium & Large sizes.

2 FOR DEAL-Purchase 2 or more and get a discount! Product must be the same size.

Purchase 2 bottles of Small size oil for $50 and 3 for $75

Purchase 2 bottles of Medium size oil for $94 and 3 for $141

Purchase 2 bottles of Large size oil for $154 and 3 for $230

All oils are made to order so please allow 7-14 days for shipping. Customer is responsible for cost of shipping. Local deliveries require a  72 hr notice in advance. 

Due to Covid-19 we are only making local deliveries for orders of $100 or more.


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Coconut Oil-Coconut oil, Lecithin, infused with CBD and THC

Spicie(spicy)Oil-Organic Cayenne, Jalapeno, and Habanero peppers, Olive oil, Lecithin, infused with CBD and THC All peppers are homegrown in the Spicielady garden for freshness.

Garlic EVOO/Garlic Oil-Organic Garlic oven roasted, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, or Regular Olive oil, Lecithin, and infused with  CBD and THC

Lemon EVOO-Lemon zest, Lecithin, Olive oil infused with CBD and THC

Regular Olive Oil-No flavors just Infused with CBD and THC

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Coconut Oil, Garlic EVOO, Garlic oil, Lemon Oil, Regular Olive Oil, Spicie Oil


Large, Large 2 for $154, Large 3 for $231, Medium, Medium 2 for $94, Medium 3 for $141, Small, Small 2 for $50, Small 3 for $75


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