Her medibles are great! I will continue to order from her monthly. For those that want to complain about prices, remember you get what you pay for. She sells excellent quality.

Not only is everything (yes I have tried EVERYTHING) delicious but the medicinal value of each product is great. I have chronic pain and amxiety and the gummies are a must. The brownies are triple infused and melt in your mouth (soooo good). The bath products are amazing! I’m a massage therapist and used the oils often, they are great quality. Personally I use the scrub and salts to heal my body after long days. I definitely recommend spicielady products.

Hi we met at the Hedonist Playground in early October and I would like to become a regular customer. It was my first time trying edibles. I bought one and took it home with and what a life changer. I suffer from back pains due to scoliosis and my feet hurt on a daily basis from working, standing up 6+ hours a day. Once I took a small piece as suggested by you, even the next day my body was not hurting. Please let me know what is the best way to stay in touch and place an order. Also, I shared with my mom and sister so we would be placing an order for all three. One more thing, what is the best way to keep the brownies from spoiling, should I refrigerate or freeze? Thank you for doing what you do, it has brought me to a whole new place.

Ma’am. Once again. I have taken an astral trip messing with you and your creations! You might as well keep me on a monthly subscription!!

Listen!!! You will have me as a customer FUH-EVA!! Product was AMAZING!!

I need a refill on my prescription.

My experience with Spicie medibles were amazing. It is truly medicine for the body, I came in with pain on my side and had one cookie. As directed by the pharmaceutical and it did wonders. After about 30-45 minutes I felt calm, relaxed, soothed, and pain free. All in all I recommend this to everyone but I know it was wonderful for me.

I suffer from back spasms…particularly in my trap muscles. It gets VERY tight and leads to migraines. The muscle relaxants that I’ve been prescribed can only be taken at night due to the side effects. Using your massage oil has been a godsend for me, I have tried massage oils that have CBD in it but I feel like the companies just like to take my money. Your STUFF actually works. I even took the massage oil to my physical therapist to use on me and I bring it back EVERYTIME!!! Oh and it lasts, it’s been over 2 months and I still have some left. Thank you so much for your potion making skills.

Gummies had me like….

As an injured veteran, I spent a lot of time going to the VA searching for ways to improve my injuries but my efforts were to no avail. Thanks to Spicie Lady Medibles I am no longer taking trips to the VA. You forever have a me as a customer!

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